Shape Medical Systems, Inc., developed the Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System to overcome the limitations presented by standard, incremental protocol CPX testing, making cardiopulmonary exercise testing available for widespread use in cardiology, pulmonology, and internal medicine.

To that end, extensive existing as well as new research is available to reinforce the science behind the Shape-HF. Shape Medical Systems scientists and doctors actively conduct research with renowned heart centers and hospitals recognized throughout the world.

Here is a collection of the most recent research published on the topics of gas exchange, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, heart and lung coupling, heart failure and more.

White Papers

Submaximal Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Gas Exchange: An Objective Method for Serial Patient Assessment in Heart Failure, Dr. Abraham Kocheril, Dr. Dean MacCarter, Clarence Johnson

Functional Optimization of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Heart Failure, B. D. Johnson, D. MacCarter, and C. Johnson

Submaximal Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing With Gas Exchange: An Emerging Method of Assessing Hospitalization Risk in Chronic Heart Failure, Dr. Dean MacCarter, Clarence Johnson

Published Research

Ventilatory Expired Gas at Constant-Rate Low-Intensity Exercise Predicts Adverse Events and is Related to Neurohormonal Markers in Patients With Heart Failure, Journal of Cardiac Failure, Vol. 15, No. 6, 2009

Background: Ventilatory efficiency and the partial pressure of end-tidal carbon dioxide, obtained during moderate to high levels of physical exertion demonstrate prognostic value in heart failure. The present investigation assesses the clinical utility of these variables during low intensity exercise.