Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System

The Shape-HFTM Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System is an innovative solution to patient assessment and therapeutic outcome monitoring of heart failure and co-morbid conditions commonly associated with heart failure.

Developed by Shape Medical Systems, Inc., this non-invasive medical device uses proprietary technology to quantify dyspnea and provide objective measurements of patient functional capacity, therapy response and patient risk to give doctors better information to achieve positive patient outcomes.  


Easy to Use.  The Shape-HF test is intuitive and easy to interpret and can be conducted right in the physician’s office. In fact, the exercise test can be performed without risk by a trained nurse or technician.  Shape-HF results are validated, simple to interpret and reproducible. The system is perfect for serial testing, allowing physicians to track patient progress over time.


Easy on Patients. The Shape-HF is easy on patients too. Evidence-based results can be obtained using low-intensity, graded or steady state testing protocols. The system avoids undue stress on the heart failure patient; they can fully perform the test and even high-risk patients can easily be tested with little or no discomfort.


Clinical Advantage. The Shape-HF takes the complication out of cardiopulmonary exercise testing and allows serial tracking of patient progress, measures patient response to therapy, offers objective criteria for patient functional classification, and provides data that is predictive of patient mortality and hospitalization risk. Shape-HF can help ease the burden in heart failure disease management by improving communication between caregivers.

“Ventilatory gas exchange analysis during exercise testing is a useful adjunctive tool in assessment of patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.”

ACC/AHA Guideline Update for Exercise Testing 2002 ACC website