About Shape Medical

Shape Medical Systems Inc.

Shape Medical Systems, Inc. offers low-intensity, graded protocol cardiopulmonary exercise testing technology to improve early detection and therapeutic outcome assessment of heart failure and co-morbid conditions commonly associated with heart failure. Shape's clear mission is to develop products that improve the quality of patients' lives by helping doctors quantify shortness of breath, assess patient functional capacity, optimize drug, device and rehabilitation therapy, and monitor patient progress.

In America alone heart failure affects nearly 5 million people, with more than 500,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Importantly, the symptoms of heart failure may be subtle and can often be undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or mistaken as normal signs of aging.

Driven by the unmet clinical need to determine cardiopulmonary risk of this growing population, Shape founders realized the significant limitations of existing cardiopulmonary assessment systems. In response, they undertook to design a system that is compact, easy to use, patient friendly, provides expansive physiological data collection and interpretation, is prognostic, and can be used to routinely assess therapeutic response. The Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Testing System is the culmination of years of research dedicated to this effort.

Shape Medical Systems is committed to offering healthcare providers options for early stage therapeutic intervention to control disease progression and to monitor patients suffering from chronic conditions over the long term.

Shape Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately held, medical device company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was founded in 2004 and received FDA market clearance for the Shape-HF™ Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System in April 2009. The Shape-HF™ System, testing protocols and applications are protected by patent 7,225,022 and other U.S. and foreign patents issued and pending.