Steady State Exercise Test

The Shape-HF steady state exercise test measures the patient’s acute physiological response to changes in therapy. This test is of particular value when considering cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) optimization, or when optimizing other therapies expected to elicit an acute patient response during exercise.

The test takes approximately 15 minutes and involves the patient exercising on a treadmill at a very low intensity, generally with a speed of one mile per hour with the treadmill set at a two percent grade. The actual duration of the test will depend on the number of therapy settings evaluated during the test.

The test session is comprised of a two-minute rest period, a three-minute period of kinetic exercise, and three to five two-minute periods of steady state exercise. The Shape-HF data analyzer collects measurements during each phase of the test.

When using the Shape-HF in pacemaker optimization, a pacemaker programmer will be employed. The Shape-HF system does not interface with the programmer. The programmer must be attended separately and operated according to the protocols provided by the programmer manufacturer and/or the healthcare facility.

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