Using the Shape-HF

The Shape-HFTM system is easy-to-use, easy on patients, and the data provided by the test is presented in an easy-to-interpret and intuitive format. The system consists of five main components and can be used to conduct three different tests: a low-intensity, graded protocol exercise test, a standard, incremental protocol exercise test, and a steady state test. With proper training, the tests can be performed by any clinic employee.


A unique feature of the system is the automatic, real-time calibration feature that eliminates the need for separate, time consuming, and technically complicated manual calibration.


The intuitive patient setup menus make it easy to enter patient data. Patient data and acquired test results are stored in a comprehensive database that can be retrieved and reviewed at any time. The Shape-HF system is operated by simple mouse clicks on icons shown on the computer screen. Test results are displayed as simple, easy to understand graphs that are summarized in a final report.


Shape-HF ComponentsShape-HF System

The Shape-HF data analyzer measures oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations of both inhaled and exhaled air. It also measures air flow.  These measurements provide the basis for all calculations made by the system.

A patient is tested using a disposable interface which connects to the data analyzer. The data analyzer has a built-in pulse oximeter, which uses either a finger or ear probe to measure the patient’s heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

“The Shape-HF test is a level of exercise that is consistent with normal daily activity in this patient population. Patients I have worked with in the clinic call it a ‘cake walk’ because it is quite an easy test for them to do.”

Dean MacCarter, MS, Ph.D.
Vice President Clinical Affairs
Shape Medical Systems, Inc.