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What Experts are Saying about Shape-HF™

“It [Shape-HF] broadens the pool of heart failure patients we are able to accurately test because it is less cumbersome than existing cardiopulmonary testing devices and it is patient friendly for those with heart failure.”

                Dr. Abraham Kocheril

                Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical

                Electrophysiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago

“Shape-HF allows us to easily evaluate the patient, diagnose the problem and its severity, and conduct follow up tests to measure the response to treatment. No other test is equivalent. We use the echocardiogram, chest x-ray, pulmonary function test, chest CT scan, as well as other procedures. However these are done while the patient is lying down which doesn’t show us the patient’s physiology while exercising. And, while the traditional exercise stress test is comprehensive, we rarely use it in our practice because it is hard on the patient.”

Dr. Syed I. Mobin M.D. FCCP, FAASM
Pulmonologist, Central Florida Pulmonary Group, Director of Florida Hospital Sleep Lab, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine, Medical Director of CFPG Institute of Sleep Medicine, and Director of the Florida Sleep School



“Many CRT patients are forced to spend most of their time in bed or lying on the couch. Our objective is to get them off the couch, back on their feet and enjoying life again. . . This [Shape-HF] is a level of exercise that is consistent with normal daily activity in this patient population. Patients I have worked with in the clinic call it a ‘cake walk’ because it is quite an easy test for them to do.”

                Dean MacCarter, Ph.D.

                Vice President Clinical Affairs, Shape Medical Systems, Inc.

“Cost, logistics and the complexity of testing and data interpretation, as well as the significant level of patient discomfort associated with cardiopulmonary exercise testing have limited its utility and deprived physicians and their patients of much needed physiological information. Shape-HF™ overcomes these limitations. It provides objective data to the cardiologist right in the office or clinic. The test is easy on patients and the equipment is intuitive and easy to use.”

                Clarence Johnson

                President and COO of Shape Medical Systems, Inc.

“The CRT response rate in heart failure patients is about 70%. The Shape-HF System is likely to help us get the remaining 30% feeling better—those we call non-responders—because it lets us objectively measure response to CRT and optimize timing between the atrium and the two ventricles of the heart in real time while the patient is exercising.”

                Dr. Abraham Kocheril, Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical  

                Electrophysiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago